QWS S2 E3: RWR McDonald and Luke Rutledge

QWS S2 E3: RWR McDonald and Luke Rutledge


QWS Podcast S2E3 – Episode Description – Luke Rutledge
S2E2. Queer Writes Session: RWR McDonald with Luke Rutledge

Queer Writes Session (QWS) Podcast, a Words & Nerds spin off series hosted by Rob aka R.W.R. McDonald, in partnership with Blarney Books & Art in Port Fairy.

S2E3: In this episode Rob chats with debut author Luke Rutledge, about the gay apps (basically Grindr), that marriage plebiscite, and his debut book, A Man and his Pride.
Rob also chats with Jo from Blarney Books & Art in Port Fairy who reviews State of Origin by David Owen Kelly.

Books mentioned and reviews can be found on QUEER WRITES SESSIONS | Blarney Books and Art

Resources mentioned and a transcript for this episode’s interview is available at QWS Podcast · R.W.R. McDonald https://rwrmcdonald.com/

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