S2E2 QWS: RWR McDonald and Amee Wilson

S2E2 QWS: RWR McDonald and Amee Wilson


QWS Podcast S2E2 – Episode Description – Amee Wilson
S2E2. Queer Writes Session: RWR McDonald with Amee Wilson

Queer Writes Session (QWS) Podcast, a Words & Nerds spin off series hosted by Rob aka R.W.R. McDonald, in partnership with Blarney Books & Art in Port Fairy.

S2E2: In this episode Rob chats with Amee Wilson, creator of the TikTok sensation, Queer Chameleon. Amy shares her tips on digital storytelling, and they discuss her debut book, Queer Chameleon and Friends.
Rob also chats with Jo from Blarney Books & Art in Port Fairy who reviews At Certain Points We Touch by Lauren John Joseph.

Books mentioned and reviews can be found on QUEER WRITES SESSIONS | Blarney Books and Art

Resources mentioned and a transcript for this episode’s interview is available at QWS Podcast · R.W.R. McDonald https://rwrmcdonald.com/

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